Friday, 15 May 2009

thinking with sand - Marshfield Street

<a href="">while it lasts by Thinking with Sand</a>

From the archives: first release from fuzzblissed 'gaze duo TWS.
Recorded in Autumn 2005 all manner of splendid sounds go into this synth-driven pop soup; whispered vocals, sequenced drums and guitar feedback. Straddling the line between melodic and harsh TWS are thick and creamy. In a good way.

Monday, 11 May 2009

spider kitten - Burdened ep

<a href="">Burdened (Roll On) by Spider Kitten</a>

Yet more fuzzed-out and Melodius cuts from the bleak doomsters.
This contains an actual cover of 'the chain' by Fleetwood Mac................!
A tasty ep with a breezy (for want of a more fitting metal term) feel that finds The Kittens in fine voice and groove.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

atomck - LIVE 05/08/2008

<a href="">invincible phoenix discharge LIVE by Atomçk</a>

Specially recorded just for you! This loving memorial to the tower of sound that is an atomck gig was commited to disc during a show in Newport's Mojo Lounge.
No funny business, just classic after classic- all on this zero disc set!

cemenitmental - ?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?

<a href="">Moonwashed Driest Amphitheatre Fortunetellers Shredding by Cementimental</a>

aka "Valentine". Originally released as ltd numbered edition of 20 on heart-shaped CDr.

Dr.Age conjours his mighty frequencies once again- this time around things are dripping with a especially frightening paranoid/claustophobic ambience.
Bizzare washes of synthy drone dilute spastic keyboards and reverberated harsh blasts. It'll make you brick it.

spider kitten - FUTURE ECHOS

<a href="">The Very Real Consequences Of Thinking Clearly by Spider Kitten</a>

Muscular downer-rock from the Cardiff outsider legends. FE has the meaty sound, rich bassy riffs and doom-laden outlook that SK are known for, but with an added expansiveness and songfull(if not tunefull) quality that the kids will love.

Monday, 4 May 2009

cementimental - We Are Commandments

<a href="">Commandment One by Cementimental</a>

As shrouded in mystery as it isn't in tone, WAC is something of a departure for Cementimnetal, a kind of weird and oddly recorded drone piece.
A very bitter-sounding album, it weighs in at just four monoliths (or should that be QUADroliths) of bass-heavy, sludgey dooom dirge.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

atomck - XVI suns

<a href="">invincible phoenix discharge by Atomçk</a>

Second album proper from the Digi Grinders- betraying more progessive and black metal influences than before.
This was recorded in an actual (well, almost) studio and the songs are somewhat more coherent after Atomck's gigging schedule.

cementimental - Molecular Rampage

<a href="">Lessons From A Saintly Pickler. by Cementimental</a>

No-input mixing noise mess from Dr.Age- BE WARNED!!! LLOOUUDD!!!!! Really punishing set of harsh-as-hell can even buy the t-shirt.

atomck - Sneaky Meat

<a href="">Sneaky meat by Atomçk</a>

Mix-disk of live atomçk recordings released on a green-sprayed biz card CDR and given away at 'Heavy Doom Fest'.
The first of an ongoing series of noise/drone experiments that extend and distort the Atomck song 'Sneaky Meats'- at this point unreleased- this was recorded at Atomck's rehearsal space and remixed into it's presented from by Linus.

cementimental - He's the Candle Man, Who Can Easily Control the Beeswax in his Body

<a href="">A Gangplank Tongue by Cementimental</a>

Solo noise album by Dr. Age. One of his first genre 'noise' releases. 10 tracks of distorted, rumbling, cruchy analogue noisescapes. Recorded using borrowed 4-track, circuit-bent devices, field recordings (from Port Eynon, Wales,) delay, distortion, feedback, more distortion.

atomck - Teratoma Party Hour

<a href="">Atom Kong by Atomçk</a>

Hardly-there EP featuring sexy chunks of spazzy grind, with more of a 'live' feel to the material than TMiGE. As of 2009 Atomck still play some of this material at gigs- not that it means it's any good. Recorded in similarly lo-fi conditions.

snorkmaiden - Cake Artistry Centre

<a href="">we're ready to believe... you by snork maiden</a>

Recorded between 2003 and 2005 this finally saw the light of day only very recently.
Sonically speaking it's a broad pallette of of-kilter mongedness.

Friday, 1 May 2009

cementimental - Sad Child No Face

<a href="">Leaping Death Energy by Cementimental</a>

Legendary sloppy bunk jams from 2003- SC/NF is a highly volatile mix of whatever Dr.Age and cohorts could be coaxed to record! Tracks from this release have been played on BBC radio, to hilarious effect.

atomck - The Mote in God's Eye

<a href="">Reaction command area by Atomçk</a>

Debut album from Digital Grind band Atomck.
Recorded largely in bedroom and front rooms, directly into the back of various computers.